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Wireless Communications Engineer (Dipl-.Ing., MSc, MPhil)

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(Note 06062018: This section has not been updated for over 6 years)

LTE stuff:

This section is a potpourri of things related to LTE. Some useful Excel files to compute resource allocations and throughputs and some links to very useful tools online. The documents were done by me back when I was a student at Columbia University except for the link budget calculator. I also include a couple of cool figures.


      LTE peak rate calculator: Compute the actual throughput of the LTE signal for any configuration of BW, modulation and coding scheme (MCS), CFI, etc.

      LTE/WiMAX link budget calculator.

      Two figures plotting the LTE frame structure. Feel free to use them wherever you want: central subcarriers and 20 MHz frame structure.

      LTE PHY fundamentals: This document overviews the fundamentals of the PHY layer of LTE, including physical channels, design constrains, mapping of reference signals, etc.

(I have had questions in the past regarding this document, based on a confusion with Doppler shift and mobility speeds considered in the LTE standards. For details on these, check my blog: Doppler shift and the motivation behind the separation of pilot tones in LTE)

      LTE frequency bands.

      LTE resource grid.

      Index of MCSs.

      LTE PDSCH Allocation Calculator.